ASB 10900


ASB 10900 is the main presentation studio at IRMACS. The state of the art studio theatre features both HD and 3D capable projectors, seating for up to 100, video conferencing capable and a host of other features.


Full Specifications

ASB 10900 Presentation Theatre
Seating Theatre style
- Seats 75 - 100
Displays HD Projector
- Large screen
- 1080p (1920x1080)
3D projector
- Large screen
- High res (2560x1050)
- 3D capable
Three 60" Plasmas
- Smartboards
Computers Apple workstation
- Quad display
Laptop connectivity
Visualization (3D)
- Windows (2560x1050)
Networking 802.11 b/g wireless
CAT5 gigabit Ethernet*
Video conferencing
- AccessGrid
- H323
- Skype, iChat
Media Playback BluRay DVD
DV Tape
Recording DV Tape
Digital Overhead ELMO Digital presenter*
Whiteboards Mobile*
Other Capabilities Laptop display
Stereo audio
Composite video
USB key plugin

* Available on request

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