The Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the IRMACS Centre Present:

A Workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics - Video Recordings

Bauschke, Heinz

I shall survey recent results on fixed points and range properties of averages of firmly nonexpansive mappings.

This is joint work with Sarah Moffat, Xianfu Wang, and Calvin Wylie.

Garvan, Frank

Andrews' spt-function can be written as the difference between the second symmetrized crank and rank moment functions. The spt-function is a partition function that satisfies some very unexpected arithmetic properties. For example, it satisfies explicit Ramanujan-type congruences modulo all primes TeX Embedding failed!....

Lucet, Yves

We present a new algorithm to compute the Legendre-Fenchel conjugate of convex piecewise linear-quadratic (PLQ) bivariate functions. The algorithm stores a function using a (primal) planar arrangement. It then computes the (dual) arrangement associated with the conjugate by looping through each entity in the primal arrangement and building its...

Marechal, Pierre

Thermoacoustic Tomography (TAT) is a non invasive imaging modality TeX Embedding failed!, which can be used in various domains such as medical imaging or small animal imaging. It can be described as follows: the sample to be imaged is illuminated by a pulsed electromagnetic energy, which results in a non-uniform...

Curry, Eva

In a multidimensional radix representation, also known as a
positional number system, there may be some integer vectors with
periodic orbits under the transformation defined by the Euclidean
algorithm. For example, if we consider the integers base 2 with digits
0 and 1, then repeated applications of the Euclidean...