The Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the IRMACS Centre Present:

A Workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics - Video Recordings

Girgenshon, Roland

Let TeX Embedding failed!. It is known that the solutions of the functional equation

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form an either zero- or one-dimensional subspace of the space of ...

Orihuela, Jose

We propose a tour around the following:

\textbf{Theorem:} Let TeX Embedding failed! be a coercive, proper, convex and lower semicontinuous function on the real Banach space TeX Embedding failed!. They are equivalent:
\item TeX Embedding failed...

Straub, Armin

Generalized log-sine integrals have appeared in recent work on the epsilon-expansion of Feynman diagrams in physics; they have also proved useful in the study of certain multiple Mahler measures. We sketch these developments and present generating functions and identies which allow for an automatic and symbolic evaluation of log-sine integrals...

Lisonek, Petr

Kloosterman sums are exponential sums on finite fields
with important applications in Cryptography and Coding Theory.
Of particular interest are Kloosterman zeros, which are
field elements on which the Kloosterman sum attains the value 0.
For Kloosterman zeros in fields of characteristic 2, we study
relations among...

Monagan, Michael

We consider the problem of interpolating a sparse multivariate polynomial
TeX Embedding failed! of degree TeX Embedding failed! with TeX Embedding failed! non-zero terms over a ring.
Newton interpolation needs TeX Embedding failed! points to...