The Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the IRMACS Centre Present:

A Workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics - Video Recordings

Bonnel, Henry

We consider a bilevel optimal control problem where the upper level is a scalar optimal control problem and the lower level is a multi-objective convex optimal control problem. We deal with the so called optimistic case, i.e. when the follower cooperates with the leader. First we state a relationship between the (weakly or properly) efficient...

Borwein, David

This talk will review some of the work conducted with my son Jonathan (and others) over the past dozen years on properties of integrals involving the function sincTeX Embedding failed! One striking example of such a property is that

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for TeX...

Giles, John R.

A Banach space is an Asplund space if every continuous gauge has a point where the subdifferential mapping is Hausdorff weak upper semi continuous with weakly compact image.This contributes towards the solution of a problem posed by Godefroy, Montesinos and Zizler.

Lassonde , Marc

We provide an inequality relating the radial directional derivative and the subdifferential
of proper lower semicontinuous functions, which extends the known formula for convex functions.
We show that this property is equivalent to other subdifferential properties, such as
controlled dense subdifferentiability, controlled...

Moors, Warren

Let TeX Embedding failed! be a topological space and let TeX Embedding failed! be a metric defined on TeX Embedding failed!. We shall say that TeX Embedding failed! is TeX Embedding failed! TeX Embedding failed!...