The Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the IRMACS Centre Present:

A Workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics - Video Recordings

Ioffe, Alexander

We intend to present several new results concerning (metric) regularity of
set-valued mappings. They relate to the following questions:

- separable reduction of regularity properties;
- sensitivity of regularity moduli to affine perturbations of the mapping
- regularity and fixed points
- nonlinear regularity...

Cheng, Lixin

In this paper, we present analytical characterizations of Mazur's intersection property (MIP), the CIP and the MIPTeX Embedding failed! via a specific class of convex functions and their conjugates. Precisely, let TeX Embedding failed! be a Banach space and TeX Embedding failed!...

Glasser, Lawrence

The series

TeX Embedding failed!

investigated for specific values of TeX Embedding failed! by D.H. Lehmer, Jon Borwein and Roland Girgensohn is evaluated in closed form and features of its...

Hare, Kevin

Garcia numbers are algebraic integers greater than 1, of norm 2, such that all conjugates are strictly greater than 1 in absolute value. These numbers have numerous applications, including the study of Bernoulli convolutions, Garcia Entropy and Canonical number systems. Despite their wide ranging applications, very little is known about the...

Thera, Michael

Abstract will be published when made available.