The Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the IRMACS Centre Present:

A Workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics - Video Recordings

Bradley, David

The double zeta function zetaTeX Embedding failed! is a function of two arguments defined by a double Dirichlet series, and was first studied by Euler in response to a letter from Goldbach in 1742. By calculating many examples, Euler inferred a closed form evaluation of the double zeta function in terms of values of the...

Hare, Warren

Derivative-Free Optimization (DFO) examines the challenge of
minimizing (or maximizing) a function without explicit use of derivative
information. Many standard technique in DFO are based on using model
functions to approximate the objective function, and then applying
classic optimization method on the model function....

Cheung, Vris, and Wolkowicz, Henry

The Slater constraint qualification fails for many instances of semidefinite programming (SDP) that arise from relaxations of computationally hard problems. This degeneracy results in theoretical problems (possible loss of strong duality) as well as numerical problems (due to ill-posedness). A theoretical tool to regularize these problems uses...