The Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the IRMACS Centre Present:

A Workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics - Video Recordings

Borwein, Jonathan

Guttman, Tony

While the free energy and spontaneous magnetisation of the two-dimensional Ising model have been known for more than 60 years, the susceptibility is still not completely known. Some 10 years ago we discovered and implemented a polynomial time algorithm for the series expansion of the susceptibility for the square lattice Ising model. This has...

Noll, Dominikus

Nonlinear optimization is a key instrument in modern control engineering. In this talk we describe recent progress in the area of feedback control design based on the use of smooth and non-smooth optimization techniques.

Mordukhovich, Boris

This talk concerns with the study of new classes of nonlinear and nonconvex optimization problems of the so-called infinite programming that are generally defined on infinite-dimensional spaces of decision variables and contain infinitely many of equality and inequality constraints with arbitrary (may not be compact) index sets. These problems...

Fabian, Marian

Let TeX Embedding failed! be a Banach space whose norm is LUR and Gateaux
(Fr\'echet) smooth. Under some mild assumptions, it is shown that the
infimal/supremal convolution of a fairly general function on TeX Embedding failed! and the
square of the norm is strongly attained, and...